Winning Them With Prayer- Prayer Strategies

Prayer strategies for the spiritually mismatched.

If you are praying for an unsaved spouse or family member, it’s likely that you will face a host of struggles within your home such as loneliness, parenting differences, church attendance, tithing, moral conflicts and faith practices just to name a few. Join us, the authors, Lynn Donovan, Dineen Miller and the SUM Community, as we journey through Winning Them With Prayer, where we learn to love others well, forgive freely and rise above our struggles. We discover that strategic prayers are a crucial part of thriving in our marriage and family as well as in our faith life.


This book encapsulates our hope for our faith and marriage, exercised through prayer. We begin with thirteen authoritative prayer strategies the Holy Spirit is revealing to the church in this season. The prayer strategies include scriptures, prayers and living examples of how to pray in faith with power and authority to defeat the demonic realm, to release the Kingdom of God and to contend for the salvation of our loved ones.

Pray strategically and partner with God to powerfully impact your marriage, children, home, church and community!


As I read one of your prayers aloud, I could sense the power of God. It is my declaration. Amen. — Jamie

Read a sample chapter here: Chapter Two: 
Praying The Word of God

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