Living and Breathing the Psalms

Written by Jim Edwards (SUMite) -Paperback

Living and Breathing the Psalms is a raw and very personal prayer journey. Here are the Old Covenant prayers, poems and songs to the Lord, reframed through intimacy and relationship with each member of the Trinity. From this perspective the Psalms break open in a simple, fresh and dynamic way. Key life themes lie in these ancient songs of worship, at the very heart of Old Covenant experience, belief and ritual. Exploring them, we find them unlocked through an intimate relationship with our Savior and King, Firstborn Son of our Heavenly Papa God, as revealed to us by Holy Spirit. Here unashamedly viewed through faith and trust in Mighty King Jesus, Mashiach, the Anointed One, is pain, hurt and grief, side by side with fire, passion,m love, thanks, praise and worship. As you put your hope and faith in Him, may you find here your heart's cries to our High King of Heaven and Earth.


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